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Neuroactive D

Control and relieve stress. Fast,

with revolutionary tools and techniques that facilitate stress reduction and self-management, created by physicians and psychologists.

Quickly. Without medication. At home, work or school.



D's stress-management approach is revolutionary:
- It adapts to your skills and speed of learning.
- It includes technologies that independently measure stress and relaxation level in real-time.
- It fights stress using not 1, but 5 techniques.

Unlike books, D doesn't simply tell you what to do. It assesses, coaches and tracks your progression.

This all-natural, comprehensive self-management solution targets both the physical and psychological approaches to stress-relief for better results.

D includes :


The 5 Most Effective Anti-Stress Techniques

Master the top 5 techniques through dynamic exercises that automatically adapt to your skills

  • Cardiac Coherence / HRV Heart Rate Variability
  • Positive Attention
  • Pace Breathing
  • Mindfulness
  • Muscle Relaxation

Why 5? Because no single technique works for everyone, in every situation.
With 5, you are well prepared to handle stress in any situation.


Interactive Stress Assessment Module

Create your detailed stress-management profile highlighting the most important sources of stress in your life.
Periodically assess and compare your level of stress over time.


Stress Coach Digital Monitor

This breakthrough innovation will soon become your best stress-fighting ally! Stress Coach independently measures in real-time your level of relaxation and coherence (Heart Rate Variability, HRV), quickly creates a relaxing and invigorating state and boosts resiliency to stress.


D Stress e-Log Book D

D assists you in analyzing stressful situations to give you better understanding on your reactions and the underlying causes of stress in your life.


"The Truth About Stress" Tutorial

The more you know about stress, the better you can relieve and control it.

De-stress with D! The personalized program to quickly self-manage and lower stress.